Beer should be stored upright in a cool, dark place (50º F). Do not shake or turn upside down. Let the beer settle.




Chill before serving. Open bottle like fine champagne, safely over a sink. Hold glass at a 45º angle, slide beer down the slope of the glass while bringing glass upright to develop a full foam collar. Leave yeast sediment in the bottom of bottle.

Good Harbor Golden

This Golden Ale is Inspired by Franco-Belgain bière de gardes, but not exactly fitting the profile of its European counterparts, this beer is best described as a Michigan Bière de Garde. Hand-crafted by Ron Jeffries at his Jolly Pumpkin Brewery in Dexter, which is consistantly rated as one of one of the best in the world, all of the  Leelanau Brewing Company beers are distingushed by their time spent in a large French oak barrique prior to bottling and re-fermentation. The wild yeasts inhabiting the brewery give all the beers made there a common thread, creating a family of beverages with rare harmony, despite their diverse styles.

Decidedly refreshing despite the 7.5% abv, this style of beer was originally brewed in the slow winter season as payment for farmhands in the summer. We certainly don’t mind sitting down after a long day of work and breathing deep the symphony aromas wafting from the lofty, lacey head burgeoning from our tulip glass. Subtle notes of peaches, apricots, canned pineapple, bitters, and a faint herbaceousness belie the smooth and delicate taste. The slightly malty, fruity body quickly transitions effortlessly to a crisp, dry and somewhat tart finish. Signature hints of French oak and the complex yeast character place this all-natural beer among the best saisons, stock ales, and farmhouse styles of Michigan, France & Belgium.

With the name literally meaning ‘beer for keeping’, one can correctly assume that it will benefit from extended cellaring; and since it is spontaneously fermented and naturally bottle conditioned, this living beer will change in somewhat unpredictable, but always delightful ways. You’ll thank yourself later if you hide a few away.

Good Harbor Golden pairs well with a variety of foods, and shines next to anything from the classic French culinary repertoire. Cassoulet, rack of lamb, and roast poultry dishes are some of our favorites, though grilled sausages, curry dishes, and hearty whole-grain mustards are also solid partners. Ripe, washed-rind cheeses are a must. 



Owen W.
at My Living Room
“Very tasty! Nice sourness to it too”